Donations Required

Help IX Liverpool do incredible things..

At IX Liverpool, we want to do incredible things. We want to bring an Internet Exchange into Liverpool, indirectly creating jobs, helping local businesses, local government to help society and, society as a whole. We are looking for donations of almost any kind in order to get things off the ground.  See below on the list of items we are currently looking for.

In additional to this, we also accept money donations, even if you can give £50, every little helps us build our dream.  To donate money please send your donation by PayPal using as the email address.  Every donation will be recognised (if you want to) by adding your name, company name or brand to our sponsor’s page, along with the amount donated.

You can always get in touch with us if you have any queries using our contact page.

Donations Required

BGP Routers and/or Switches

Do you have any old routers or switches that support BGP? Old Cisco kit or others that still work but perhaps are a little out of date are fine. Cisco kit such as SUP2T/SUP6T, Cisco ASR9K, Junpier MX5 or older would be appreciated.

Racks or Telecoms Cabinets

We need a few Telecoms cabinets or racks for use at our various switch sites.  You can see an example here what we are looking for. 9U, 19inch style  would do, we need this to mount our BDP switches into and various other networking equipment.

IP Address Blocks

We are looking for various IP address blocks, such as /22, /23, /24, /25, /26, 27 or /28 if you can donate these.

Building to Building Links

We are looking for Wifi building to building links, capable of providing at least 1GB connectivity between buildings of up to 5KM.  There are various type of units on the market and we are open to any that people could donate.  Perhaps you are demolishing a building in Liverpool and have a pair of these? Or have a spare kit kicking around your store room?  You can see an example of what we are looking for here.