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AWS Launch new region in London

January 24, 2017, Written by 0 comment

As the traffic increases in London so does the need for an Internet Exchange in Liverpool. Recently Amazon launched the Europe (London) region. The new DC from AWS, one of the biggest providers in Cloud Computing is going to attract a lot of traffic on the London Internet Exchanges.


How does this new DC based in London affect Liverpool? Most of the traffic for areas without an Internet Exchange, the traffic is most likely to be routed via London. Even traffic from Liverpool destined for another Liverpool user has the possibility of going to London (some times further). When traffic has to traverse busy networks, separated by large geographical areas, this increases the delay (latency) on the data and thus received by the recipient later than necessary. If the traffic is kept local it is delivered with lower latency and does not need to travel over 400 miles to reach the recipient who may only be 4 miles away.



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