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IX Liverpool needs your help to build a new Data Centre (DC) in Liverpool City Centre

October 26, 2017, Written by 0 comment


IX Liverpool help to make the Internet faster, cheaper and more available in the Liverpool City Region by creating what is known as an Internet Exchange. Currently London, Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff all have their own Internet Exchanges but Liverpool does not, resulting in lower speeds, higher prices and poor customer service.

Internet Exchanges bring together all of the different Internet Providers and other networks into a single place locally to “exchange traffic”, meaning that local internet traffic stays within the region instead of being piped from London or Manchester which is how it works currently.

Generally, Internet Exchanges are built by the community in a neutral location, i.e not inside a Telecoms Company exchange or building.  Having a neutral location means that all of the networks agree to meet and connect to each other without any one network having overall control or influence over the others.

IX Liverpool are building this neutral location in our region, designed by internet engineers, put together by volunteers and funded by donations, we want the region to have its own exchange, ultimately bringing about not only high internet speeds for a lower cost, but attracting bigger digital businesses to the region such as Channel 4, Amazon and the BBC (who won’t come unless we improve the poor connectivity we have now), helping to create much needed jobs in our communities.

We need your help to raise money to build our exchange, in which we are looking to fund the first part of right away ,and require around £5000 of funding for this first stage. Some of the items we need to purchase can be rented in the short term so we are focusing on getting monthly donations at the very least so we can support these monthly commitments.

We’ve already made a great start, having been offered Joiners, Electricians, Tradesman, equipment and peoples time and even a whole load of expensive computers…all for free.

We are asking our community to commit to donating £10 a month for as long as possible (more if you can) to support the ongoing costs of our project, and in return you will get:

  • Your business will be mentioned as one of the companies that helped this happen, on a notice inside our data centre and on our website and in the community
  • You will be invited to future events like our lunch event, in which we are hoping government ministers and the media will be present
  • You will receive regular updates about the project and how it is benefiting society

If you can help us, please contact us so we can get the ball rolling as your contribution will help our data centre get underway sooner.


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