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IX Liverpool mobilises it’s members to help with CoronaVirus

March 15, 2020, Written by 0 comment

The Coronavirus is a growing threat to both people and businesses in our community and we want to do what we can to help. Businesses are making plans for staff to work from home and we want to help them.

We’ve asked our members to work together to set up a Free WiFi service across the city (using their existing infrastructure) so that home workers can work from home and access high speeds that otherwise may have been unavailable with their current provider.

We are asking our members to provide this free of charge, while increasing the power of the signal so that it is broadcast to further distances.  

Each member has been asked to donate Internet Bandwidth and look to increase the coverage area (where possible) for the life of the campaign.

We plan to go live on Friday 20th of March and home workers can access the WiFi by looking out for the WiFi name “workfromhome”

At the moment, our coverage is quite small and limited to the Liverpool City Centre and parts of Sefton (and growing), so we also want to speak with landlords across the region who can allow our members to install WiFi access points to the outdoor parts of buildings, so that together we can increase the overall coverage level, please get in touch with us at

Additionally, if you know of a school that wants to continue it’s teaching outside of the classroom and needs fast internet for streaming, Web Casting etc, many of our members such as Baltic Broadband and Refine Group are trying to contact many schools in the area to help them with this for free.  If you know of a school in need, please contact those members individually.



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