Our Board


IX Liverpool is governed by an experienced board of directors and advisors, who are elected by our members.

Matt Wilson - Chairman

Matt is Strategic leader, founder and chairman of Telecoms Cloud Limited, an API-driven telecommunications platform for internet connected devices that gives developers the tools they require to incorporate scalable, highly-available telecoms functionality within their applications.

Liam Givens - Technical Director

Liam has had a strong interest in technology from an early age and that interest has only grown over the years into a passion for technology. He is always thinking of ways to introduce technology into everyday life using IoT. Liam has a growing background in systems administration and networking. Some of Liam’s other interests include; Aviation, Photography and Motorsports.

David Parr - Independent Director

David is a Chartered Engineer, and is currently employed by Kratos Analytical Ltd. A member of their Senior Management Team, he has taken on the role of MALDI Research & Development Manager, leading a team of Physicists, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, and Project Managers, engaged in the development of specialised instrumentation.

He has been involved in telecommunications design and management roles for much of his career. Initially joining Plessey (later taken over by Marconi) in Liverpool as a Graduate Trainee in 1977, he worked on the development of the System X digital network. David is a Professional Registration Adviser for the IET, and regularly advises candidates applying for Professional Registration. He is also a CPD Adviser, charity trustee, and serves on various IET committees and working parties.

Simon Holgate - Member Nominated Director

Dr. Holgate has over 10 years’ experience in research and innovations with the Internet of Things, particularly in his primary field of expertise; sea level science. His day-to-day job is that of Chief Scientist at Sea Level Research, where he has been credited with some truly world-changing scientific advancements, not least with his involvement in the aftermath of the Sumatra tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 where he developed the world’s first low-powered, real-time sea level monitoring system with global coverage and bi-directional communication, based on Inmarsat’s BGAN technology.

Richard Spragg - Member Nominated Director

Richard is currently Technical Director at Aimes, a DC in Liverpool.

John McKenna - Independent Director

John uses innovation and technology to deliver exception results in all aspects of his career. Driven by the self-discovery and this innovation he has lead social media platform BeepVine to a growing audience. John has over 8 years in the Education Sector delivering IT Apprenticeships across the UK as well as over 10 years working directly in the IT industry.