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Britain is the world leader in e-commerce, and has every aspect to build billion pound, ten billion pound, even hundred billion pound companies. For that to happen, companies and their communities need good, affordable and reliable internet connectivity that puts them on a level playing field with competitor companies in other countries.

Local Internet exchanges help organisations and communities by improving quality, reliability and latency, and reducing dependency on other locations like London whilst allowing local users to handle traffic at a local level, giving many technological, economic and sociological benefits to society.

In the early internet years, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt became some of the biggest exchanges in the world, and it is no coincidence that these cities enjoy some of the cheapest and most reliable internet connectivity available. Many of the most interesting services on the internet are “glued” to those cities.

In the years that followed, cites like Prague, Dublin and Warsaw built successful internet exchanges that were a catalyst for the development of the internet communities in those regions.

IXLiverpool is a new internet exchange point for the Liverpool City Region (LCR), bridging the gap between ISPs, hosting companies, and enterprises in the North West of England. IXLiverpool makes the internet connections of users in the North of England faster, more reliable and cheaper.