Associate Members

IX Liverpool

IX Liverpool (aka The Liverpool Internet Exchange) helps make the Internet faster, more accessible and more available within the Liverpool Community Region.  It has been built solely on donations from the community so far, owned by its members and operates as a not for profit company with open free to attend board meetings.  We believe that low cost high quality and high speed Internet access is a must for our region and since our incorporate in 2016, we have been busy building the Internet here in  the region.

So far we’ve survived thank to very generous donations from the community and many people have given up their weekends and evenings to help us physically build the fabric of the exchange, but we still need funding to help support our day to day operational costs.

IX Liverpool has created an Associate membership for citizens and businesses in our community who want to help us.  We have a target to raise £5000 a month of incoming revenue by the end of 2018 so we can support the ongoing costs of running the Internet Exchange.

Based on both regular members and associate members fees and various other services we provide, we are hoping to achieve the £5k a month figure but we need your help to do it.  Starting from just £10 a month, you can help make a difference to the exchange and help us achieve our target.

By becoming an Associate Member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A Membership certificate to place on a wall, confirming your membership to the exchange


  • Option to be listed on our website as an Associate Member, along with the donated amount

  • Invitation to member only events, such as our data centre openings or major events


Member Branding Pack(s)

As part of your IX Liverpool membership you will recieve and be authorised to display the appropriate membership badge on your website, business cards, brochures etc.

Monthly Donation Examples

Donation AmountHow it Helps Us
£10.00 p.m Pays for basic IP address provision for our network, ongoing costs for our DNS & Mail Services, meetup subscription fees for our quarterly community events.


£25.00 p.m 

Pays for various outsourced monitoring systems, phone systems for our support team, call answering on-call volunteers who stay on call for members having trouble connecting at the exchange.


£50.00 p.m 

Pays for software licence fees, professional services fees to create our contracts with Solicitors, suppliers, general maintenance of the exchange, logging systems and data storage services.


£100.00 p.m 

Pays towards our quarterly community event costs (food, drinks, room rentals, travelling costs for speakers etc), new hardware and new servers for our data centres and helps them get up to standard so we attract bigger networks to the exchange which ultimately helps make the exchange bigger and better