Co-Location and Connections

As we build the exchange, we want to make it as easy as possible for members to join the exchange, helping to remove barriers to entry, therefore helping to build our membership.  IX Liverpool is building up a range of Products and Services to offer to members and currently offer the ones detailed below.

You can always get in touch with us if you have any queries using our contact page.

Co-Location/Meet-me Services

To extend the reach of the exchange, we offer the ability for members and the general public to co-locate their network equipment, servers etc at any of our Data Centre Facilities. Members can host their hardware within the same data centre that hosts our shared switching fabric or they can connect from many miles away and peer remotely via a layer 2 carrier network.  This service is available in both the DC01 (Baltic Creative) and DC02 (The Tapestry) data centres.

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Single Board Computer Server Hosting

Members can supply (or we can supply) a Raspberry Pi, Arduino computers or other computer to run as a server in our DC’s.  Ideal for small website hosting, DNS servers, Mail Servers or any other medium duty applications, starting from just £10 per month that includes hosting, 100MB synchronous unlimited bandwidth and static IP addresses (at an additional cost). For members requiring more power than a Pi supports, they can consider building a Supercomputer.

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Connections to Cloud Providers

We can offer Layer 2 connections to popular Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform,, Oracle Cloud, IBM Bluemix, SAP, Alibaba Cloud and Webair from directly within our Data Centres, such connections offer lowest latency, higher speeds and private networking opportunities to our customers.

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LINX IXP Reseller

The LINX IXP Reseller programme allows member networks to connect to LINX through IX Liverpool, thus giving them access to the array of benefits and services that LINX has to offer.  Members of IX Liverpool can connect and peer on both of the LINX London Lan’s as well as current members of LINX can connect and peer at IX Liverpool, allowing bi-directional peering opportunities that strengthen both LINX and IX Liverpool’s service offering.

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Liverpool Region Connectivity

IX Liverpool, in partnership with its members,  are busy installing a fibre network that encircles the Liverpool City Region, called the Liverpool Fibre Loop.  Members can use this, by arrangement, to connect to customers, create POP’s and use it to peer with other members or create resilient network connections.

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