Our Members


IX Liverpool is registered in England and Wales as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (Company Number 10030226). We operate as a mutual organisation with the company owned and run for the benefit of its members. Each member holds one vote with the option of electing one board member as a representative for that member.

Baltic Broadband (AS203421)

Baltic Broadband is a Wireless Internet provider based in Liverpool that offers Broadband for businesses. We are disrupting the Dinosaurs who have for years provided a low quality product for a high price.  From just £50 a month businesses can enjoy fast, reliable and symmetrical business grade internet to their premises and with features like traffic prioritisation, fast lane access for retailers using credit card machines and backed by a 99.9999% SLA and 1 month contracts, the extinction of the Dinosaurs has probably just begun.


Telecoms Cloud Limited (AS203421)

Telecoms Cloud is a Communications platform enabling Software Developers to build intelligent and advanced applications with simple yet powerful tools. We power critical global infrastructure and commerce every day, enabling business customers the world over to use our cloud technology to stay connected and revolutionise how they work, cutting costs and increasing efficiency with new and better functionality.


Zycomm Electronics Limited (AS39875)

W3Z Broadband has been delivering reliable wireless broadband and symmetric leased-line services since 2003.
Part of the Zycomm Group, their prime hilltop radio sites provides a high-capacity backhaul throughout the East Midlands without the commercial disadvantage of using third-party masts and assets. Zycomm’s 40 years’ experience in RF technologies allowed W3Z to expand rapidly and become one of the UKs first and largest commercial WISPs, competing successfully with the wire-bound multinationals. Their microwave network now spans 4 countries, delivering NGA connectivity over 6000 square km.

Proud supporting members of IXLiverpool: improving resilience and connectivity between W3Z customers and the North West.


Refine Group Limited (AS202944)

Started in 2005 as RefineHost, a web services provider, the company has grown to other sectors working with Assets, Media, and Technology. RefineSystems provides Electrical & ICT solutions using a mixture of physical and virtual services. Working closely with their sister RefineWireless, professionals in microwave connectivity, together they draw
up solutions to tackle modern-day technology requirements.

We believe becoming a member of IX Liverpool is vital to our future operations here at RefineGroup, we are excited to be a part of their journey to become a big player in the UK’s communications infrastructure


Exascale Limited (AS61049)

Exascale is a Ofcom-regulated telecommunications provider. We provide wholesale and direct to business; A wide range of solutions from leased lines through to business broadband and national MPLS, cloud services, IP telephony and a wide range of data centre hosted solutions.



MGISS delivers a full range of geospatial solutions and services that help businesses capture, analyse and visualise spatial data. We equip professionals with the latest hardware, software, comprehensive support and training programmes, independently advising on what’s best for the project. Benefiting from more than 20 years’ experience, we help organisations in the Infrastructure, Environment and Energy sectors manage their assets more efficiently.


Internet of Things Limited (AS203421)

Internet of Things build devices, systems and services, enabling the unconnected to become connected. They wanted to be connected to IX Liverpool to shorten the path between them and their connected devices, helping to low latency while improving resilience. As a consultancy business and manufacturer of Internet Connected Devices, keeping traffic local for connected “things” is vital to the monitoring and control of their devices.


Sea Level Research Limited (AS202944)

Sea Level Research use big data and cutting-edge science to optimise ship schedules and cargo loading, saving time, fuel and reducing emissions. Faster more accurate data means faster results and therefore faster decision making for vessel and port owners. They joined IX Liverpool as a founding member to gain better low latency connectivity between their sensors in the River Mersey and systems located in the Merseyside region.


Below are the details of each member who peer at IX Liverpool. You are recommended to use Peering DB in order to gain up-to-date peering information before sending out peering requests to members. You can read more about the technical details of our LAN’s here.

MemberAS NumberSpeedIPV4 TitanicIPV6 TitanicIPV4 MerseyIPV6 MerseyPOP's
Telecoms Cloud Limited AS2024881GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::10 DC01 – Baltic

Baltic Broadband Limited 

AS2034211GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::11 DC01 – Baltic

Exascale Limited 

AS610491GB DC01 – Baltic

Zycomm Electronics Limited 

AS146771GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::13 DC01 – Baltic

MGISS Limited 

AS2034211GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::14 DC01 – Baltic

Sea Level Research Limited 

AS2034211GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::15 DC01 – Baltic

Internet of Things Limited 

AS2034211GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::16 DC01 – Baltic

MICT Limited 

AS2034211GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::17 DC01 – Baltic