Our Members


IX Liverpool is registered in England and Wales as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (Company Number 10030226). We operate as a mutual organisation with the company owned and run for the benefit of its members. Each member holds one vote with the option of electing one board member as a representative for that member.

Members of the exchange join to connect their networks together (to exchange traffic), share and exchange knowledge and experience, join to help make the Liverpool Community Region’s Internet better for everyone while also taking advantage of the business networking and sales opportunities that come from organisations working together.

Some members join simply to attend the business networking events and get involved in the projects that we do (like the Internet of Things, Sensors and 5G), others connect their networks and exchange data traffic so that they save money on bandwidth while improving the quality of their network, either way, there are real and tangible benefits to becoming a member of our community.

Baltic Broadband (AS203421)

Baltic Broadband is a Wireless Internet provider based in Liverpool that offers Broadband for businesses. We are disrupting the Dinosaurs who have for years provided a low quality product for a high price.  From just £50 a month businesses can enjoy fast, reliable and symmetrical business grade internet to their premises and with features like traffic prioritisation, fast lane access for retailers using credit card machines and backed by a 99.9999% SLA and 1 month contracts, the extinction of the Dinosaurs has probably just begun.


2020 Networks Limited (AS423094)

Liverpool based, but covering the whole of the UK, 2020 Networks have been in business since 2010, but worked in the telecoms industry for nearly 40 years. 2020 quickly established a great reputation with legacy systems, including Nortel, Avaya, Panasonic & Samsung, but have also provided SIP trunks & hosted VoIP solutions for over 15 years.

We have VoIP systems that are based on a ‘per seat’ or ‘per channel’ basis, meaning there is always an option to suit the customer’s exact requirements, and not our company’s bank balance. 30 day contracts mean you are not tied in for years, and because we are a one-stop shop, we can manage the complete project or installation, from the network cabling, to hardware provision & management.


Exascale Limited (AS61049)

Exascale is a Ofcom-regulated telecommunications provider. We provide wholesale and direct to business; A wide range of solutions from leased lines through to business broadband and national MPLS, cloud services, IP telephony and a wide range of data centre hosted solutions.


Refine Group Limited (AS209827)

Started in 2005 as RefineHost, a web services provider, the company has grown to other sectors working with Assets, Media, and Technology. RefineSystems provides Electrical & ICT solutions using a mixture of physical and virtual services. Working closely with their sister RefineWireless, professionals in microwave connectivity, together they draw
up solutions to tackle modern-day technology requirements.

We believe becoming a member of IX Liverpool is vital to our future operations here at RefineGroup, we are excited to be a part of their journey to become a big player in the UK’s communications infrastructure



Director of SPARKZ NETWORK Callum Longworth runs his exclusive broadband telecommunications, website design, hosting company in Liverpool England UK.

Now in 2020, the company has entered a new phase of expansion, not only continuing to offer website design and hosting services, but also supplying new state-of the art broadband and telecommunication services, which are now available for everyone to enjoy. As well as offering many new additional business services, SPARKZ NETWORK welcomes new team members on board, who are assisting Callum with the general running of operations.

SPARKZ NETWORK is embracing dealing with small to International corporations around the world.


Marlan Maritime Technologies Limited (AS423091)

Marlan Maritime Technologies provides situational awareness solutions for maritime and marine-related industries. Our high performance, cost-effective vessel traffic monitoring and management systems are designed to help those responsible for ports and harbours, coastal surveillance and offshore asset protection to achieve the safety, security and efficiency they need.


doES Liverpool Limited (AS423098)

DoES Liverpool is an independent maker-space, co-working space, education space and events space founded in 2011. Friendly and open to all, DoES attracts professionals, hobbyists, students and young people with weekly public events, hot-desking, permanent desks and workshop access.

 DoES Liverpool is also a self-funded community interest company, with all profits invested back into the community and making the space more epic.

Aeternum Innovations Ltd (AS423011)

Aeternum are a UK based business that designs, builds and provides unplugged, wireless sensor systems. Based in Liverpool, England we offer energy efficient monitoring solutions that convert ambient energy (energy harvesting) to remotely power and collect sensor data.

 Aeternum’s energy harvesting approach combines our patented RF-to-DC rectifying antenna with other well established methods such as solar and wind to power devices. The net result is a wireless sensor system that minimises the remote sensors footprint (size of the unit and power requirements), minimises field visits, and enables a smarter, greener, and more cost effective approach to environmental, smart city, agriculture, and industrial monitoring applications.


Lucid Games Limited (AS423010)

Lucid Games Limited is a British video game developer based in The Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, England,   Developers of Switchblade, Geometry Wars 3. Specialists in Console and PC Development, and experts in Unreal Engine.


Zycomm Electronics Limited (AS39875)

W3Z Broadband has been delivering reliable wireless broadband and symmetric leased-line services since 2003.
Part of the Zycomm Group, their prime hilltop radio sites provides a high-capacity backhaul throughout the East Midlands without the commercial disadvantage of using third-party masts and assets. Zycomm’s 40 years’ experience in RF technologies allowed W3Z to expand rapidly and become one of the UKs first and largest commercial WISPs, competing successfully with the wire-bound multinationals. Their microwave network now spans 4 countries, delivering NGA connectivity over 6000 square km.

Proud supporting members of IXLiverpool: improving resilience and connectivity between W3Z customers and the North West.


Broadway Partners (AS423089)

We combine state-of-the-art 5GHz and TV Whitespace technology to deliver rural and urban in-fill super-fast broadband. We are pioneering the use of WhiteSpace technology on the Isle of Arran, the first commercial deployment in Europe. We are currently trialing the latest generation of this technology, delivering an impressive 40Mbps. 100Mbps is just around the corner. We are working with the world’s leading experts in WhiteSpace technology – Microsoft, Nominet, the Strathclyde University and King’s College London – ensuring that residents and businesses get the best of the best. We are also using more conventional 5GHz radio technology where we have ‘line-of-sight’ to our customers. While TV WhiteSpace is fast, 5GHz is even faster – so if you are not surrounded by trees or tucked away behind hills, you can expect even more from us.


Stack Computers Limited (AS423087)

Founded in 1979, The Stack Group are experts in the provision of IT services and management. Our offerings encompass all aspects of cloud, security, virtualisation, data services, unified communications and infrastructure. We are one of only a few companies in the UK who provide such a comprehensive integration of services.

With two wholly-owned, ISO27001 accredited datacentres, all of our solutions are industry certified and comply with EU regulations. From our office locations in Liverpool and London, we provide leading edge technologies to clients throughout the UK.


MGISS (AS423077)

MGISS delivers a full range of geospatial solutions and services that help businesses capture, analyse and visualise spatial data. We equip professionals with the latest hardware, software, comprehensive support and training programmes, independently advising on what’s best for the project. Benefiting from more than 20 years’ experience, we help organisations in the Infrastructure, Environment and Energy sectors manage their assets more efficiently.


Internet of Things Limited (AS202488)

Internet of Things build devices, systems and services, enabling the unconnected to become connected. They wanted to be connected to IX Liverpool to shorten the path between them and their connected devices, helping to low latency while improving resilience. As a consultancy business and manufacturer of Internet Connected Devices, keeping traffic local for connected “things” is vital to the monitoring and control of their devices.


MICT Limited (AS423093)

MICT is a Liverpool-based IT support company offering a full portfolio of services. Pick and choose as many or as few of our services as you need: we’ll deliver the same high quality, reliable, flexible service whether we’re fixing a mouse or managing your full IT operations.


Below are the details of each member who peer at IX Liverpool. You are recommended to use Peering DB in order to gain up-to-date peering information before sending out peering requests to members. You can read more about the technical details of our LAN’s here.

MemberAS NumberSpeedIPV4 TitanicIPV6 TitanicIPV4 MerseyIPV6 MerseyPOP's
Internet of Things Limited AS2024881GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::10 DC01 – Baltic

Baltic Broadband Limited 

AS2034211GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::11 DC01 – Baltic, DC02 – The Tapestry

Exascale Limited 

AS610491GB DC01 – Baltic

Zycomm Electronics Limited 

AS398751GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::13 DC01 – Baltic

MGISS Limited 

AS4230771GB 2001:7f8:a2:8000::14 DC01 – Baltic

Refine Group Limited 

AS209827 1GB DC01 – Baltic

MICT Limited 

AS423093 1GB DC01 – Baltic

Broadway Partners Limited 

AS423089 1GB DC01 – Baltic

Stack Computers Limited 

AS427087 1GB DC01 – Baltic

DoES Liverpool CIC

AS423098 1GB DC02 – The Tapestry