Become a Volunteer

Could you Volunteer your time?

At IX Liverpool, we want to do incredible things. We are improving Liverpool’s outdated digital infrastructure , indirectly creating jobs, helping local businesses, local government to help society and society as a whole and we are doing this with our members and our volunteers together.

To do this, we need incredible people, we need an army volunteers who can donate their time to our not-for-profit cause – making the Internet better for everyone. If you can give just some time to help our plan, the difference you could make to us could be amazing.

Right now, we are looking for a range of people who can help out in whatever way they can.  Below are some ideas for the types of people we are looking for, but if you have a specialist skill and some time to give, or just want to add your name to a list of reserve volunteers, then please get in touch at our contact page.

Roles Required

Treasurer & Company Secretary

We are on the lookout for a Treasurer to help keep track of our finances, do some basic admin and look after the small bits that a company secretary has to do (annual returns, companies house documents etc).  Right now, the amount of time required is very small and can be done from home at your convenience, as long as statuary deadlines are met etc.

Time Commitment :1 hour per month (on average)

Please get in touch if you are interested.

Marketing, Social Media and General Promotion x 2

Lets be frank, the subject of Internet Exchanges and how the Internet works are not the most sexiest of things in the world, but we need someone who can make them sexy! We need someone who is a really good promoter, talker, perhaps great on social media who can communicate our message about IX Liverpool in a really simple and engaging way that inspires people to get involved as a volunteer, become a member or even donate to our cause. A marketing person with good social media experience would be great for this role. This role can be done from anywhere that has a computer and an internet connection.

Time Commitment : Whatever you can give!

Awareness Marketeer x 10

We need around 10 volunteers to help IX Liverpool, obtain around 100 letters of support from organisation large and small (to post on our Resources Page) and also get quotes from just about anyone to wants to be famous by appearing on our Supporters Wall, promote their cause but more importantly stand behind us and support the objectives of IX Liverpool.

Time Commitment : Whatever you can give!

Systems Administrator

Do you know the different between PeeringDB and Peering?, Do you know the difference between an ASN and CDN? We are looking for at least one sys admin to join the team.  In the early days there is little work required, just setting up the odd switch, announcing ranges, updating router BGP configs with members routes etc etc.

Time Commitment : The work can be done remotely and the time required is a few hours a month.


Could you help organise events, keep our website updated with content ,attend some industry meetups, help write business plans and BID writing, help with general recording keeping (of records about the exchange), and deal with incoming communications and even some minor finance and banking tasks? If so please get in touch!

Time Commitment : Whatever you can give!