Neos Networks

ASN ( 61231)

About Member

At Neos Networks we believe in making complex connectivity challenges simple.

We bring together the unparalleled expertise of dedicated teams with innovation and technical excellence to provide businesses, government organisations and our partners a better network experience that can power the UK’s digital future. We do it with a spirit of collaboration, partnership and integrity that means we can achieve more, together.

All this is delivered through our UK-wide 34,000km network, offering a wide range of products and integrated solutions including leading edge WAN, EthernetOptical Wavelength and Dark Fibre services. With over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience, you can trust us to deliver efficiencies as well as a competitive edge.

Product offerings

ADSL (Broadband), FTTC (Superfast Fibre Broadband), SoGEA (Superfast Fibre Broadband), FTTP (Ultrafast Fibre Broadband), Business Leased Lines


Business (B2B)
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ASN: 61231