Refine Group Limited

ASN (AS209827)

About Member

Started in 2005 as RefineHost, a web services provider, the company has grown to other sectors working with Assets, Media, and Technology. RefineSystems provides Electrical & ICT solutions using a mixture of physical and virtual services. Working closely with their sister RefineWireless, professionals in microwave connectivity, together they draw
up solutions to tackle modern-day technology requirements.

We believe becoming a member of IX Liverpool is vital to our future operations here at RefineGroup, we are excited to be a part of their journey to become a big player in the UK’s communications infrastructure

Product offerings

ADSL (Broadband), FTTC (Superfast Fibre Broadband), SoGEA (Superfast Fibre Broadband), FTTP (Ultrafast Fibre Broadband)


Residential (B2C), Business (B2B)
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ASN: AS209827