Zycomm Electronics Limited

ASN (AS39875)

About Member

W3Z Broadband has been delivering reliable wireless broadband and symmetric leased-line services since 2003.
Part of the Zycomm Group, their prime hilltop radio sites provides a high-capacity backhaul throughout the East Midlands without the commercial disadvantage of using third-party masts and assets. Zycomm’s 40 years’ experience in RF technologies allowed W3Z to expand rapidly and become one of the UKs first and largest commercial WISPs, competing successfully with the wire-bound multinationals. Their microwave network now spans 4 countries, delivering NGA connectivity over 6000 square km.

Proud supporting members of IXLiverpool: improving resilience and connectivity between W3Z customers and the North West.

Product offerings

FTTC (Superfast Fibre Broadband), FTTP (Ultrafast Fibre Broadband), Wireless Broadband / Fibre of Air


Residential (B2C), Business (B2B)
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ASN: AS39875
Website: www.w3z.co.uk