IX Liverpool

Contributions to the Liverpool Internet Exchange

IX Liverpool was built on contributions of space, equipment, money and time from our community, not including of course the countless hours of voluntary time from our team. We are currently interested in the following items (please check back regularly as we update this page frequently):

  • SFP optics
  • Switches, Routers, firewalls etc
  • Cat 5/6 cabling
  • Cable trunking, conduit and accessorises
  • Communications cabinets and server racks
  • Servers, any type
  • Raspberry Pi’s
  • Tables, chairs and general office furniture
  • Petty Cash (If you can donate cash to us, please send this to, thank you)

Past Contributions



2016 -2017

DC01 Project Contributions

Other items

2018- 2019

DC02 Project Contributions

Other items